Monday, December 29, 2014

Mason, Tia and Paddington #Kitties at 22 Weeks--Look How They've Grown! by Karen Rose Smith

Doing updates on Halo's kittens is always a pleasure.  My readers enjoy them.  This week they will be 22 weeks old! Teenagers in cat terms.

Mason and his brother
Mason was the most rambunctious of the kittens. He meowed first.  He wouldn't let our two year old cat Zoie ignore him. He convinced her to play when we finally let them roam together after Tia left for her forever home.
Mason's family--a brother and two sisters
Mason and his brother

 Mason's mom says he's a handful but makes them laugh often.  His dad told me one of his favorite games is to play in the bathtub with a ping pong ball.  Mason and his older cat sibling George are fast friends, sleeping together and playing together.  Two other female cats are learning that they can't ignore their youngest brother.


Tia is doing great, too.  So well loved.  She's a princess with two older males who let her pretty much do what she wants! She cuddles with her mom and dad and still likes to bite toes.  This is her adorable holiday photo! She is a beauty.

Halo and Paddington

Paddington was just as active as Mason but a bit quieter.  Even before Halo--Mason, Paddington and Tia's mom--was integrated into the rest of our cat family, we let Paddington meet Zoie.  Zoie's older sister Ebbie had recently passed on and Zoie was having a grief response.  After she met Paddington, I could tell she was better.  We would just let Paddington with her for short spurts--not knowing how Zoie would react.  But Paddington was respectful of her and helped Zoie over her loss.  Now Paddy and Zoie play hide and seek, chase and snooze a few feet apart.

Paddy is still very much a mommy's girl.  She's beginning to roam on her own more and sometimes will settle with me and Zoie instead of napping with her mom.  She's a little squirt sometimes, climbing on top of the flat screen TV like a tightrope walker, but most of the time she likes to play on brown wrapping paper and chase ping pong balls.
Paddy, Halo and Zoie

These kittens were a gift that added so much joy to our lives.  We're thankful to Halo for finding us.

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©2014 Karen Rose Smith


Janine said...

I always enjoy hearing about and seeing pictures of these cuties.

Rebecca York said...

Cute. I think any kitten who stays w/ Mom will always be wound up w/ Mom, even after she forgets the other cat is her mom. Certainly true of Ozzie (mom) and Harriet (her daughter.) If you asked which was the mom and which was the daughter, you'd probably get it wrong. Harriet is bigger.

scaro said...

Thank you for the new photos. Happy New Year��
Carol Smith