Thursday, August 21, 2014

Curious #Kittens Three Weeks Old by Karen Rose Smith

This week Halo's three kittens, Mayzie, Tia and Paddington, are becoming more curious. Now after feeding and momma washing them, they play a bit. The boundaries of the bin aren't going to last much longer as they peer outside through the wall, stand up on wobbly back legs and try to reach over. We built a little ramp from an old foam wedge for playtime so if they do manage to hike over the edge of the bin, they could find their way back in.

The Birth of Halo's Kittens

Observations on Newborn Kittens, the First Twelve Days

Each day their hearing and sight seems to have improved.  They are looking at each other more, sometimes just sitting and staring for a while as if to figure out who they are seeing.  They look up at us and also seem to respond to my voice as well as my husband's. We've been handling them more, just sitting them on our knee and stroking them in Halo's sight. If we only keep them out a few minutes, she's okay with it.  She makes a cooing sound when she wants them to feed or wash or to draw them to her.

We had some eye problems with Paddington this week.  And we weren't sure about Tia's one eye.  So I called our veterinarian, and she prescribed Tobramycin for ten days. After just a day, both look better already.

The amazing situation is that Halo remained calm this week as sawing and hammering happened outside the window to replace siding on the house.  I had been stressed out about the idea and we cleaned out my walk in closet in another part of the house in case Halo panicked with the noise or the babies were startled.  But Halo remained calm.  Some of the time, she exited the bin and laid between the noise and her babies.  The babies slept through it all!

Two of the kitties now have adoptive homes. We're going to keep them twelve weeks so they learn everything they can from their mom and are socialized well.  This is an amazing experience watching them grow and learn each day.

        My sleuth Caprice is an animal lover and takes in strays!

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Jacqueline Hopper said...

How precious. I applaud your care for feral cats, especially the ones that, without your help, wouldn't have fared very well.

Deborah Blake said...

They just get cuter every day!

scaro said...

Love watching them grow!! are you going to keep Paddington?
Carol Smith

Anonymous said...

Love these kitty reports! They make me smile. Such little cuties!

KRS said...

Carol--I'm not sure about Paddington. I'm the most connected to him but I don't know if we can physically handle 5 cats. So we'll see. Fortunately I know the two women who are adopting Tia and Mayzie. I'd have to be sure Paddington would have a loving forever home too.

KRS said...

Janice--sometimes their cuteness overwhelms me!

KRS said...

Deborah--i don't know how you handle 5 on your own!

KRS said...

Jacqueline--Halo has been through some rough times. She's missing teeth. I think she's deaf in one ear. Sometimes when she yawns, i think her jaw might have been injured. But she's such a sweetie and she's a devoted mom. It's amazing to watch her with those kittens.