Monday, July 14, 2014

Seven Reasons Why Writing A Mystery Is Fun! by Karen Rose Smith

Why writing a mystery is fun!

Reason 1:  I can put together a puzzle and have the enjoyment of solving it too!

Reason 2: Quirky characters are as real in a mystery as they are in life.  Drawing on life experiences or making up traits as I go is an author's delight.

Reason 3: I can include a touch of romance.  My sleuth can have romantic interests that are fun, dangerous, worthwhile and I can continue their saga through more than one book.

Reason 4:  Developing a town and a whole world for my characters is essential in a cozy mystery.  By the end of each book, I know the business owners as well as the main characters in my small town of Kismet, Pennsylvania.  So just as in a small town, I look forward to visiting them again.

Reason 5:  Plotlines can be challenging and keep me on my toes.  Research takes a whole new dimension in a mystery and I learn every detail again about the subjects I'm using.  In the first book STAGED TO DEATH, my murder victim's sword collection was an important aspect in the novel.  Examining Ebay offerings for possible items to use wasn't work.

Reason 6:  Unlike in reality, solving a murder is actually possible in a mystery.  It's satisfying to make sure the villains see justice done.

Reason 7:  I can include animals as well as people!  I love cats and dogs and horses and anything furry.  Although up until now I've only included cats and dogs, I expect horses will appear sometime.  We can learn so much from these furry beings.  Utmost is their devotion when we treat them with kindness.

Caprice De Luca in my home staging mysteries will have 6 books, maybe more.  STAGED TO DEATH and DEADLY DECOR are available now. The third book in the series GILT BY ASSOCIATION will be released in February 2014.  In addition to my Caprice mysteries, I will be writing a Daisy Swanson Tea Garden series.  I hope you will join me along the journey and enjoy all of them.


Jeanie Jackson said...

Thanks, loved your reasons! They fit with the way you write.

scaro said...

Enjoy reading your books. Love how you have the animals in your books. Looking forward to Caprice's next adventure.......
Carol Smith