Monday, May 13, 2013

Zoie's First Birthday

My RESCUING A KITTY blogs have slowed down, it's true.  But that's because Zoie is growing up!  However, I couldn't let her first birthday pass without a blog.  She was born sometime in May, so we can celebrate the whole month!

Zoie took over the house and tried to take domination over London and Ebbie from the beginning.  London quickly put her in her place.  Zoie teases London, plays with her by running up and down the stairs and wrinkling throw rugs in a chase, and sleeps nearby her now and then.  Zoie and Ebbie have an entirely different relationship.  They both spend most of their day with me.  But Zoie likes to know where Ebbie is at all times.  She chases her to a little area I prepared for Ebbie under a window.  Since Ebbie has arthritic back problems, she has a set of steps we developed into a little platform to give her plenty of room to stretch and sleep.  That's where Zoie prefers Ebbie to be!

Zoie has been turning her little nose away from kitten food the past six weeks.  She wants adult cat food.  We feed her Blue canned food in it's many varieties to keep her healthy and her coat sleek.  She has the feline herpes virus and still eats Lysine treats every day.  (Ebbie and London do, too)  I use Eagle dry food mixed with a Wysong brand but limit it for them all.  Zoie is nine and a half pounds now.  It's unbelievable that she was only 1 1/2 pounds when we found her.

In January we had Zoie spayed.  I was apprehensive about the surgery and possible changes in Zoie's personality afterward.  But we had a terrific veterinarian who treated her with respect and compassion.  Zoie came through surgery and aftercare even more affectionate than before.  Visit my blog about Zoie's spaying experience.

Zoie has been a sweetie from the moment I held her.  She likes to be in our presence and still gives us belly laughs frequently with her antics.  We freshened up the bedroom recently with a chenille spread and a kitty quilt my BFF gifted me with.  Zoie had to give the bed her seal of approval!  These photos say it all.  We love her to pieces and she brings us so much joy that I can't imagine our life without her.

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Mike Schulenberg said...

Happy Zoie's First Birthday...she looks like she's getting along well :)

KRS said...

Mike--growing and taking over the household more every day. :)