Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birdhouses and Books

By now, you can tell I'm always thinking about plots and books. If I'm in the garden, I'm peaceful and one scene might play right after the other in my mind. Today we put up new birdhouses. The old ones were falling apart. The roofs had worn through with the weather. The new ones are colorful and easy to see from our patio. This morning I was thinking that all the houses need are tenants. There are three birdhouses and I'm guessing that bluebirds, wrens and barn sparrows will be moving in. I can't wait to see the activity.
Studying those birdhouses and waiting for tenants, I was considering my new book. It's the third book in the series. I introduced the heroine in books one and two, so I know her to some extent. In the synopsis I fleshed out her character and the hero's. But I won't really know my people until I write about them and watch their backgrounds change and take shape. The secondary characters will evolve chapter after chapter. In a sense, I'm waiting for my tenants to move in! I'll get to know them each time I pick up my tape recorder and visit with them. Birdhouses and books. Hmmm. Who would have thought?


Gail Slawson said...

Sounds like the birds are going to be your inspiration. That's neat ! I'll have to check out your books. My husband builds birdhouses. You can see them on his
Also, check out my blog (I like to write too)

susan said...

Birds are wonderful. We live in the middle of the woods and so we have tons of birds. We have feeders set out all winter but when warm weather comes we have to take the feeders down at night as we also have bears in our yard and they do not take care of the feeders. ha ha Your books are new to me but I am checking them out. I love your new site here we can share of kinds of news. susan Leech

KRS said...

Susan--I replied in email but don't know if that went thru. I'm going to be posting an e-zine soon about writing life and my books. If you'd like me to send you a direct link, email me at Or watch on Facebook and Twitter for that link.
I'm ready to hang hummingbird feeders, too. But the weather is gray and wet and windy! I'm hoping in another week or so, I can do that. Thanks for stopping by.