Sunday, February 1, 2015

GILT BY ASSOCIATION Launch #Giveaway--Win a book from Laura Levine, Kathi Daley, Krista Davis, Karen Rose Smith and more... or a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Would you like to win a book from one of these eleven talented authors?  From mystery to romantic suspense to paranormal novels.  Through Rafflecopter, 11 lucky winners will be chosen along with the grand prize winner for a $100 Amazon Gift Card.  This GILT BY ASSOCIATION Launch giveaway will start February 1 and will continue through February 7.

Just click on this link to take you directly to the giveaway.  Each day I will also be posting the link on my KarenRoseSmithBooks Facebook page.

If you are on Facebook and enjoy chat, excitement and prizes, join me for my GILT BY ASSOCIATION Book Launch Party on Facebook on February 3 from 7-10 p.m. EST.

I hope to see you there.

Good luck!!!


USA TODAY Bestselling Author Karen Rose Smith is an only child who delved into books at an early age. She learned about kindred spirits from Anne of Green Gables, solved mysteries with Nancy Drew and wished she could have been the rider on The Black Stallion. Yet even though she escaped often into story worlds, she had many aunts, uncles and cousins around her on weekends. Her sense of family and relationships began there. Maybe that's why families are a strong theme in her novels, whether mysteries or romances. Her 87th novel will be released in 2015.

Readers often ask her about her pastimes. She has herb, flowers and vegetable gardens that help her relax. In the winter, she cooks rather than gardens. And year round she spends most of her time with her husband, as well as her four rescued cats who are her constant companions. They chase rainbows from sun catchers, reminding her life isn't all about work, awards and bestseller lists. Everyone needs that rainbow to chase.

Karen looks forward to interacting with readers. They can find her at the links below. 


©2015 Karen Rose Smith


Patricia T said...

Fantastic giveaway! Wonderful series...congratulations, Karen!

Grandma Cootie said...

Couldn't wait for this launch. Love following you (and the cats) on FB and love the books.

Jen Scott said...

Congrats on the Gilt By Association book launch! That is exciting. Thank you for the giveaway.

RW1010 said...

So exciting! Thanks for sharing!

Robin in NC

servedogmom said...

Gilt by Association is on my book wish list. Congratulations on your release launch!

kiki said...

Fun, fun, fun

Deanne said...

Congratulations on your book launch, so excited for you. Karen, I'm so sorry I was able to be at your launch party a few nights ago like I said I would. My computer wasn't working correctly and I got a new one today. Feel so bad I miswed your fun party. Congrats on your new book and I need to catch up and visit you on fb and see how the kitties are.

Berkeley Hapa said...

Came over from the guest post--wanted to say how much I enjoyed the post! I also am an organic veggie gardener growing broccoli, onions, peas, lettuces and tomatoes in two raised beds. Best of luck on your launch!