Saturday, October 11, 2014

Three Reasons Why I Write #Holiday #Romances by Karen Rose Smith

Many of my books include holidays--Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day and Valentine's Day. There are several reasons why I set my books during holiday festivities.


I think our hearts are attached to holidays. The memories of both happy and sad ones tug at us year after year and seem to grow larger rather than diminish. For that reason, my characters share emotions and heartfelt sentiments and that can't help but imbue my writing. Love for significant others and family seems huger, wider and more encompassing around holidays. Emotions run high and conflict as well as connection lurk around every corner, propelling the plot and urging personal growth.


Children appear in many of my romances. They are so much fun to write about during holidays--their wide-eyed wonder, their questions about holidays past, their yearning for closeness with the people who matter most to them. When I write about them I travel back into my childhood, putting out cookies and waiting for Santa, welcoming cousins to celebrate with me, reading the Christmas story, receiving valentines from friends and, in later years, from that special someone.


Most of all I write about holidays because readers identify with them. Each year, I hope for the perfect holiday.  I believe readers do too. In a romance I can give that to them.

Holidays can provide an extra spark to a story. That's why I weave novels around them. If you enjoy stories that surround the holidays, here are five you might enjoy:

 A doctor and a Wyoming cowgirl fall in love around the holidays.  Lucy's gift to Zack -- the real meaning of Christmas.

Love is just a jingle bell away when a sexy toy store owner and a pretty job counselor travel the rocky road to love.

A former stunt man turned lodge owner and a trauma make-up artist meet in Colorado to help an actress who has become a recluse.  When their scars are bared, they all learn the power of love.

Can a marriage of convenience become a true marriage?  Jake and Sara find the meaning of Christmas in forgiveness.

 Tessa and Max are reunited when Max's son needs them both.  Thanksgiving could be a holiday they celebrate for a lifetime.


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Billie Jackson said...

I love books about the holidays and I love your writing. Just picked up some of you holiday books, the perfect combination.