Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fun #Photo #App--#InstaFrame by Karen Rose Smith

The InstaFrame App

I'm an animal lover.  I also enjoy finding peace and beauty in our gardens and cooking a variety of foods.  When I began to establish a presence on Facebook, I began picking up the camera I'd used on my last research trip, a Canon Powershot SX210.  It had produced beautiful photos of the Southwest.  I began photographing whatever I thought would make a good post--our three inside cats, our feral cats, hummingbirds in the evening, roses just opening, new recipes that I wanted to blog about.  Picking up the camera is an easy habit now and I invested in another Canon PowerShotSX260 with a 20X zoom.  Along with my phone camera, I'm all set to capture whatever strikes my fancy.

Cats and dogs are a focus in my Caprice De Luca mystery series for Kensington Books.  I wanted to do more than post photos of the animals in each book.  I wanted to make the photos special.  I found the InstaFrame app on my Ipad and began playing with it.  (I'm NOT a techie so whatever I use has to be easy.) I not only created attractive "framed" photographs but have also developed these photos into mouse pads and magnets for giveaway during the June launch of my second mystery DEADLY DECOR. (I'll be doing giveaways on my blog and Facebook page.)  Karen Rose Smith Books Facebook Page

Here are a few more of the framed photos that I created.

I hope you have as much fun with this app as I have!!!

Read Karen's new mystery. Her sleuth, Caprice De Luca, stages houses, decorates, loves to cook and is an animal lover too!

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