Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Naughty and Nice #Christmas Blog Hop


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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

"White Christmas" are words that take us to a reverent place, stirring up carols and memories we might forget the rest of the year.  Snow frosting tree limbs calls up childhood memories when I wished for snow on Christmas Eve.  Why?  Because that pristine white conveyed the message that something awesome was about to happen.  Family lived close and snow simply meant putting chains on the tires to get where we wanted to go.  Snow meant that maybe after dinner on Christmas Day my cousins and I could build a snowman.

Moving forward a bit, I wished for a little snow on Christmas Eve but not much because my parents wouldn't be able to drive to our house to watch our son open his presents or listen to him chatter about Santa eating the cookies he left out for St. Nick.  White Christmas evokes recollections of Christmas concerts, carol sings and midnight Mass, watching the last scene in the movie when the generals' men stand to acknowledge him, when the romances end the way they were meant to.

Wishing you all a white Christmas and the memories that make it special.

Please share your "White Christmas" memories and have a wonderful holiday.

In addition to the prizes listed above, I will be giving away a $15 Amazon gift card and a set of note cards.  I will draw the winner from the comments on my blog.

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Erika Messer said...

Name: Erika Messer
Email: abbyswarriormom@aol.com
Twitter: Followed @austenfreak1976
Facebook: Followed Erika Messer
Blog: Followed Erika Messer - GFC
Country you live in: US
I always love waking up to a white Christmas but just a little - not a terrible snowstorm :)

Shani Bush said...

Name: Shani Bush
E-mail: rainbowwheels@hotmail.com
Comment: Very cool thank you Karen for a chance to win such things
Twitter: Followed
Blog: Followed
Are you a reader or author: Both
Country you live in: United States

Charlotte Copper said...

Name: Charlotte Copper
Email: charlottecopper.author@gmail.com
Country you live in: Canada
Comment: Born and raised around the Toronto are (Ontario, Canada) I have had enough of snow...driving, shoveling. As a kid it was fun, but now, I'm okay with a green Christmas. (I know, bah, humbug!)

Katrina Epperson said...

Name: Katrina Epperson
Email: eppersonkatrina@yahoo.com
Twitter:Followed @eppersonkatrina
Facebook: Followed Katrina Epperson
Blog: Followed Katrina Epperson (Google)
Country I live in:USA
Very seldom do we have a white Christmas. I think they are beautiful when we do. The children were both little, just the right age the last time we had one.

Shari said...

I love white Christmas's , does not happen very often where I live now. When I lived in Illinois happened more frequently. We use to love to take the kids into Chicago and skate on state street and then go window looking at the shops.
Shari Bartholomew
Twitter sbart79
Facebook Shari Drehs Bartholomew
I live in the US

Anonymous said...

Name: Barbara Gamble
Email: bkg0605@aol.com
Comment: I love a White Christmas, all that fresh sparkling snow!
Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Twitter: Followed
FaceBook: Followed
Blog: Followed
Country You Live In: United States

Carey Abbott said...

Time to give away another prize. Drum roll please... and the winner is...Shani Bush. Congrats! You have won the following prize. A Pirate Medallion from Denyse Bridger.

I will email you to get your address and send it on the the author. Happy Hopping!

KRS said...

Congratulations, Shani!

Kathy Merkel said...

Name: Kathryn Anne Merkel
Email: drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com
Comment: Growing up in the Midwest of the US, I've never not had a white Christmas. It wouldn't seem like Christmas without the snow, but I'm so over it by New Years, I wonder why I haven't moved south yet.
Twitter: Followed
FaceBook: Followed
Blog: Followed
Reader or Author: Reader
Country You Live In: United States

cyn209 said...

Name: Cyn209
E-mail: cyn209 at juno dot com
Comment: thanx for the giveaways!!!
Blog: Followed as Cyn209
Are you a reader or author: reader
Country you live in: United States

rbooth43 said...

Name: Rebecca Booth
Email: rbooth43 at yahoo dot com
Comment: Thanks and I love books!
Twitter: Followed@ rbooth43
Facebook: Followed
Country I live in: USA

rbooth43 said...

Name: Rebecca Booth
Email: rbooth43 at yahoo dot com
Comment: Thanks and I love books!
Twitter: Followed@ rbooth43
Facebook: Followed
Country I live in: USA

Anonymous said...

Name: Charlene Fraley
E-mail: gmgypsiesf1@aol.com
Facebook: Charlene (Knopek) Fraley
Live in U.S.
Love the chance to win. Thanks.
I'm a reader.
Love watching the snow from the warm house with a cup of tea.

Kimberly Mayberry said...

Name: Kimberly Mayberry
Email: kbinmich@yahoo.com
Comment: Since I live in Michigan, we almost always have a White Christmas, and possibly a snowstorm! We are used to people being late for family parties due to poor road conditions and getting stuck in the snow! lol We have spent many Christmas Eves and Days towing people or helping them get their cars out of ditches.
Twitter: Followed - @SexyWriter69
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Country you live in: US

Sharon McGregor said...

Name: Sharon McGregor
Twitter: following @sharonmcgr
Facebook: Followed
Blog: Bookmarked
Reader or writer: Both
Country: Canada. I live in beautiful British Columbia an hour from the coast.
Web page: www.sharonmcgregor.com

Eva Millien said...

Eva Millien
evamillien at gmail dot com
I would love to have a white Christmas here, but not gonna happen, the closest I've ever gotten is one year, My mom, my daughter and me went to my Grandmother's (think family reunion).We had to leave the others home for whatever reason. Which meant we would be traveling home on Christmas eve (we open our family presents on Christmas Eve). When we woke up Chrismtas Eve day, it was snowing and stayed that way all day. We had a four hour trip home and we had to leave my cousins had to drive us two hours to get us out of the ice and snow as we had never driven in it. But it is certainly a treasured memory as my daughter loved her fist snow. Wishing everyone a wonderful and magical holiday season!
Facebook -done
blog - done GFC

KRS said...

Keep those white christmas memories coming! We have snow now.

Beautiful Disaster said...

Name: lori ha
E-mail: lorih824 at yahoo dot com
Twitter: Followed @loriharvey3
Blog: Followed lorih14
Are you a reader or author: Reader
Country you live in: United States
My fave white christmas was spent in Denver, Colorado with my grandma.
Happy Holidays

Michelle Willms said...

Michelle Willms
When I lived in the South, we would wish for a white Christmas because snow was rare and beautiful. I've spent more years of my life in the West, in the high desert, where snow is a part of life. I suppose for most here it's an annoyance, and it is when I must drive in its depths, but I still love its beauty, the way it casts an aura of cleanliness over everything and muffles even the ugliest sounds. Its beauty speaks to something deep within me. I've passed this down to my children and they always wish for a White Christmas, even if we've had a White Halloween. They wish for snow cream to go with their prime rib and presents and Christmas carols. Maybe someday they will understand the overwhelming beauty snow really brings.
Twitter: yes
FB: yes
Blog: yes

KRS said...

Thank you all for taking part in this blog hop. I'm enjoying your memories about white Christmas.

Quilt Lady said...

Name: Virginia Horton
Comment: Loved your post! Also love your books, thanks for the great giveaway
Twitter: Followed
FaceBook: Followed
Blog: Followed
Reader or Author: Reader
Country: USA

Shelly Hammond said...

Name: Shelly Hammond
E-mail: booski24@hotmail.com

Oh, I love a White Christmas and always have! When I was little we would pile in the family car (My mom, dad, my sister and I) and head to my grandparents on Christmas day. They lived about 20 minutes away and it didn't really matter the weather because my dad was one of those crazies who would drive in anything so we got used to going no matter what! That was all well and good but my grandparents had a driveway (which we always called their Lane) that was completely up hill and probably a half a mile of un-shoveled, unplowed snow. My dad would gun it and get a tiny little bit up the way, wedge the car in so it wouldn't budge, and among a few choice but not bad because it was Christmas words he would usher us out of the car, load us up (we could only really carry one itty bitty bag and still we'd complain about that!) with the gifts to go to the house and up the Lane we'd go! Funnily enough, those snowy blustery White Christmas's of the long ago past were the best ones ever :D Those are my best White Christmas memories.

Thank you for sharing your memories and bringing back some long, almost forgotten, memories or the best holidays ever! I wish you the Merriest of Christmas' and the happiest of New Years ever!

To all a happy merry day!

Twitter: @ShellyHammond14
Blog: Followed GFC Shelly Hammond
Are you a reader or author: Reader of everything I can get my hands on!
Country you live in: United States

Nancy Wolfe said...

Twitter: @ring094
Blog: none
Email: ringo_94@hotmail.com
Avid reader
Country: US

Thanks for sharing your memories.

Teresa H. said...

Name: Teresa Hoyt
E-mail: tyohaseret@gmail.com
Comment: I can only recall one Christmas that wasn't white and what a bummer it was! It was incredibly cold though!
Twitter: Followed
Blog: Followed
Facebook: Followed
Are you a reader or author: Reader
Country you live in: United States

Linda McLaughlin said...

No White Christmases here in SoCal, but I remember them from my childhood in Pittsburgh. It's just not the same without snow!

(Not eligible for prizes since I'm in the hop, too.)

amy o'neal said...

Name: amy O'Neal
Email: lwntroll@aol.com
Twitter: Followed @amy92075
Facebook: Followed amy O'Neal
Blog: Karen rose smith's blog
Country you live in: US

awesome giveaway...

Anonymous said...

I live in northern California, so I always wonder what a white Christmas would be like!

amy bowens said...

Name : Amy Bowens
Email: amybowens34@yahoo.com
Comment: I like a little snow but not too much so my family can drive safely to my home, but it is always nice to wake up with a light dusting!
Twitter: Followed
Facebook: Followed
Blog: Followed
Country USA

Shadow said...

Name: Shadow Kohler
Email: shadowluvs2read(at)gmail(dot)com
Comment: Its not exactly a christmas story, but when i think of this phrase, this memory comes to mind. My mom work my siblings and i up in the middle of the night. We had our first snow fall and everything was white out! She let us go outside and play, we made angels and snowmen. Afterwards, she brought us in, made us hot coco with whip cream and we all curled up in her bed watching a christmas movie. She let us stay home from school and took us all out to lunch. Its one of my favorite memories. I remember everyone laughing. Ya all are so awesome! Thank you for the amazing giveaway! Very much appreciated! Thank you! Happy holidays!
Facebook: Shadow Kohler
​Followed Blog: ​GFC: shadow_kohler
Country you live in: US

Carey Abbott said...

Katrina Epperson you have won an ecopy of Dysus Dreamer by JA Garland. Congrats! I will contact you after the hop.

bn100 said...

Name: bn100
Email: bn100candg at hotmail dot com
Comment: like a white Christmas
Country you live in: US

KRS said...

Shadow--that's a wonderful memory! Have a terrific holiday.

KRS said...

Shadow--that's a wonderful memory! Have a terrific holiday.

KRS said...

Winner of the Amazon gift cards and note cards is... Beautiful Disaster! Lori, Congratulations.